Kawase Hasui

Yuhi Waterfall, Shiobara (1920)

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About the Art

This print is from Hasui's "Souvenirs of Travel, First Series" Shortly after commencing his working relationship with publisher Watanabe, he would take off on the first of his many excursions to find inspiration and beauty in the Japanese countryside. In this series, Hasui would use color to poetically represent the world in hyper-intensity - exemplified in this print by the use of deep, rich blues and dark grey tones.

There are five waterfalls located in the mountains around the Shio spa in Shiobara, and this one is especially stunning. The high, moss-covered cliffs connect as two sides of a folding screen. The Japanese name Yuhi-no-taki or "Flying Jump Falls" captures the powerful, plunging water into the deep pool below.

The transition into Autumn is elegantly symbolized by the fluttering leaves, scattered across the view like auburn butterflies. 

Shiobara is in Tochigi prefecture.