Watermill At Onden

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About the Art

The Watermill at Onden from Katsushika Hokusai's legendary series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji has depicted an eye-soothing view of a watermill and the dynamic waterway having a backdrop of tranquil Mount Fuji. This woodblock print portrays the spectacular ambiance that has a sophisticated specialty having both ocular and auditory beauty of the water mill and is animated current.

In this woodblock print, Hokusai has painted the Shibuya River running over Onden village having the backdrop of a distant view of Mount Fuji. He also portrayed the daily life of then Onden when there were a lot of watermills around the region and people used it for grinding flour. He has beautifully portrayed the working men and women beside the watermill where men are carrying the bag and women are carrying basket and washing clothes. He also gives it a magical touch by portraying a playing child with a turtle. Moreover, Hokusai has beautifully highlighted an amazing scenario of the everyday life of then Onden having a beautiful amalgamation with a watermill and the motionless Mount Fuji which is a dreamlike scenario for now.

Hokusai so splendidly painted this masterwork by retaining every single element which makes it spectacular having an enthusiastic touch. An attractive remote view of tranquil and motionless Mount Fuji is so subtly tinted as the backdrop of a dynamic circumstance. This marvelous beauty has the sheer capability of casting a spell on the spectators.