The Lake Of Hakone In Sagami Province

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About The Art 

The Lake of Hakone In Sagami Province is one of the exquisite prints which is so intricately portrayed by Katsushika Hokusai capturing the eye-soothing appearance of Mount Fuji from the Lake of Hakone. This woodblock print encompasses a panoramic scene where the distant view of snow-covered Mount Fuji is brilliantly portrayed in the background which creates an enchanting scenario with the view of beautiful nature in the foreground.

Hokusai has produced this artwork encompassing a huge area where mountainous territory and the lake of Hakone are well welded together. He has splendidly tinted the distant view of Mount Fuji in the backdrop. Though the focal point of this print is the yoked view of both lake and Fuji, in the print, Hokusai has captured the massive area of greenery and montane places remarkably. The lake seems to be stagnant having no current or flow producing a peacemaking scenario and contributing blue crystalline view. Just beside the lake, a few abodes are portrayed with blue-tinted rooftops in the huge area which creates a connection with blue Fuji and the blue water of the Lake. The print has the sheer capability of casting a spell in the eyes of the spectators as Hokusai has done this artwork so marvelously.