Mount Fuji From The Mountains Of Tōtōmi

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About the Art

Mount Fuji from the Mountains of Tōtōmi is one of the incredible prints which is so intricately portrayed by Katsushika Hokusai capturing the eye-soothing appearance of Mount Fuji from Mountains of Tōtōmi. This woodblock print encompasses a busy scenario in the foreground having an amazing amalgamation with Fuji in the background which creates an enchanting scenario together.

Hokusai has created a number of woodblock prints where Mount Fuji plays a role of focal point which is the cultural and religious significant emblem in Japan symbolizing immortality and magnanimity. Like his other artworks, Hokusai has projected the technique of yoking background and foreground in the print where two contradictory settings are brilliantly amalgamated. In the background, the motionless and static Mount Fuji is standing there signifying the cultural and religious immortality of Japan. On the other hand, people are busy with the sawing work in the foreground.

Hokusai has dazzlingly painted this print portraying an amazing and eye-soothing scenario retaining the cultural heritage intact. 

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