Kajikazawa In Kai Province

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About the Art 

Katsushika Hokusai's imaginative creation, Kajikazawa in Kai Province is one of the prominent woodblock prints from his popular series, Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. In the print, Hokusai has vibrantly portrayed the backdrop retaining the motionless Mount Fuji having an identical view created with the promontory from which the fisherman with a curved back is fishing having ropes in hand formed in triangular shape.

This woodblock print is so astonishingly generated by Hokusai where he has projected a heavenly imaginative technique having Fuji and an identical Fuji created by his imagination. Hokusai has produced the trilateral shape by the amalgamation of fishing ropes, the fisherman's curved back, and the promontory from which he fishes. Beside the fisherman, the child is also enjoying the fishing which contributes to the print an adorable view increasing the richness of the print. Hokusai so dazzlingly painted this masterpiece by retaining every single detail which makes it stunning having an identical background and foreground.