Kawase Hasui

Evening at Kintaibashi in Spring (1947)

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About the Art

In a recurring motif throughout Kawase Hasui’s prints, a solitary figure makes his way through the world, passing beneath the beautiful arches of Kintai bridge and punting down river. We look on from the banks, peering through the flowering branches of a cherry tree in full bloom.

The Kintai Bridge is a wooden arch bridge, in the city of Iwakuni, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Built in 1673, it spans the Nishiki River in a series of five wooden arches and is located on the foot of Mt.Yokoyama, at the top of which lies Iwakuni Castle.

Kikkou Park, which includes the bridge and castle, is a popular tourist destination in Japan, particularly during the Cherry blossom festival in the spring.

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