Cherry Blossoms at Arashiyama (1834)

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About the Art

As walkers look out from the wooded pathway, a long raft glides upstream through the fallen petals. The trees are tipped pink with fresh blossoms.

This print is from Hiroshige’s series “Famous Places of Kyōto” and depicts the famed cherry blossom spot of Arashiyama. Ever since ancient times - when Kyoto was the capital of Japan - Arashiyama mountain was visited by hundreds of people in early spring. People would marvel at the landscape, as the mountain is dyed pink in colour.

Within this series by Hiroshige, each image is seasonal and highlights the year-round natural beauty of Kyoto. Water gradation was a trademark of Hiroshige’s. Here he portrays the river Ōi in a shimmering range of blues and whites, emanating freshness as it flows from the mountain.