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46th Station: Kameyama

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In this, the 47th print in Hiroshige's breakthrough series: "The 53 Stations of the Tokaido" we see a daimyo procession moving up the steep, pine-lined mountain path to Kameyama castle.

On a clear morning after a heavy snowfall, a thick covering blankets everything in sight. To heighten the feeling of the climb, the castle at the top of the oblique slope has been cropped, with the top of the roof cut off by the edge of the print.

Upon close inspection, you'll discover the hats of the travellers peeking out below the tree line. Hiroshige used these "hidden identification figures" to draw the eye of the viewer deeper into the scene.

A hit upon publication, Hiroshige made his name with this series of landscape prints and toppled Hokusai from his top spot in the genre (print artists were publicly ranked, almost like sumo wrestlers at the time). In 1832, Hiroshige undertook a journey along the Eastern Sea Road (Tokaido) as part of an annual ceremonial delegation from Edo to the old imperial capital, Kyoto, in service of the Shogunate. In a creative outpouring, Hiroshige created the 53 scenes between 1832-34, while the trip was still fresh in his memory.

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