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13th Station: Hara

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About the Art

The neighborhood of Hara (literally "field"), was known for open views of Mount Fuji in its full splendour. Hara was the 13th station on the Tokaido road, one of the earlier stops along the 53 of the Eastern Road.

In this print, we see two female travelers and a servant travelling past snow-covered rice fields with stunning vistas of the countryside and mountains. Servants often accompanied women on their journeys, as highways were considered very dangerous during the Edo period, due to the threat of banditry.

The view of Mount Fuji is virtually unobstructed from Hara. To emphasize the awe-inspiring height of the mountain, Hiroshige breaks convention by allowing the peak to break through the frame and jut outward into the margin, creating a surreal, almost 3-dimensional effect.