Our Story

A journal from the founder of Rising Sun, Jack Jenkins

There’s so much more to Japanese prints than the Great Wave. Majestic masterpiece though it is, it is an infinitesimal fraction of the rich world of Ukiyo-e.
The styles are numerous: beauties, animals, plants, landscapes, Samurai, myths & legends, Kabuki actors and more.

The great masters equally so - beyond Hokusai we have Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi, Utamaro, Moronobu, Kunisada and many others, too many to list here.

Yet, few get beyond Hokusai’s magnum opus.

Despite being entranced by the Great Wave, and feeling an affinity for Japanese art, many miss the opportunity to go deeper. Moreover, originals in good condition are rare, expensive and impractical - they often can’t be displayed to avoid fading.
Rising Sun is here to help people requite their love of Japanese art.

When I (Jack, founder of Rising Sun) first discovered Ukiyo-e, it was love at first sight.

Now, at Rising Sun, we’re passionate about keeping the transcendent beauty of the Ukiyo-e masters alive and present in fellow connoisseurs’ daily lives.

Rising Sun Prints is more than just a store. Although we do offer a first-class, concierge shopping experience, we’re on a mission to do more. We’re creating the richest site and community ever, dedicated to appreciating, enjoying and learning about the masterpieces of Japanese art’s golden era.

Watch this space for courses, experiences, resources, books and new collections of ready-to-hang, fine quality prints.

Journey into Old Edo with us...and get lost in the floating world.

Jack Jenkins
Founder, Rising Sun Prints