Kawase Hasui

Komagata River Bank (1919)

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About The Art

This view of a bamboo yard in Tokyo alongside the Komagata River is from Hasui's first print series - Twelve Scenes of Tokyo. In a romanticized view of rapidly modernizing Tokyo, Hasui's scenes often make it appear as a sleepy hamlet, rather than the burgeoning metropolis it was.

A worker naps on top of his cart in the heat of a summer's day. The bamboo stacks fall apart to reveal a cooling sliver of blue, poetically echoing the moment's respite of the workman and his horse.

Kawase Hasui spoke of this print:

"This is from a sketch that I made one summer afternoon in the front of a bamboo shop at the Komagata river-bank in Asakusa. One can see the other side of the river through the bamboo stalks, which are stacked side by side, in the shape of a half-opened fan. I thought the mood conveyed by the horse standing listlessly and the drayman slumbering on his dray was very summer-like."

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