Kawase Hasui

Kamino Bridge, Fukagawa (1920)

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About the Art

From Twelve Scenes of Tokyo. In a romanticized view of the rapidly modernizing city, Hasui's scenes often make it appear as a sleepy town, rather than the burgeoning metropolis it was.

This print shows the wooden Kamino bridge, which connects the Fukagawa districts of Saga and Kiyosumi. On a summer's evening, Hasui captures the beautiful contrast between the setting sun and the twilight shadows beneath the bridge.

In the artist's words:

" A sail-boat moves slowly down the river: this ordinary scene was one that delighted me. Across the river is Nakazu. No incongruous Western-style buildings are visible there, and I could not help but think that this area recalled the period when Hokusai designed his print "Glimpse of the Two Banks of the Sumida River".

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