The story that we now know as "the 47 Ronin" recounts the Ako Incident, a series of events taking place between 1701 and 1704. 

A tale of vengeance that embodied the principles of Bushido to their fullest effect, it soon became a Japanese cultural symbol, exemplifying core Bushido values of loyalty, honor and heroic courage. It would go on to inspire countless plays, poems, and artworks. 

During the Edo period, the story regained popularity in 1748 with a new rendition, known as the Kanadehon Chushingura. The new interpretation highlighted the triumph of honor and loyalty over a corrupt government system. This version inspired Kuniyoshi to create a stunning print series celebrating the lives of the 47 loyal samurai retainers. 

Rising Sun Prints now honors Kuniyoshi's legacy as one of the last masters of ukiyo-e printmaking, and the leading model of Bushido values in Japanese art. We hope you enjoy this tribute to his mastery, skill and display of warrior virtue.

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