A Look at Our Top 3 Best Sellers

March 05, 2021 2 min read

A Look at Our Top 3 Best Sellers


The snow-covered scenery takes our breath away in this work by Hiroshige. While the location was well-known for its famous sunset view, which gave it its literal name “sunset hill”, it’s clearly beautiful in the winter too, even when the sunset was concealed by the heavy snow. Two men can be observed on the right side of the bridge, standing and taking in the beautiful white scenery. We can infer that the snow has been falling for quite a while, as the snow were piled up high enough to engulf the calves of the men who trot on it; the snow also accumulated on the backs of some unfortunate men whose hats were too small enough to cover its entirety. The extricate details of snow accumulated on the leafless tree branches were also captured. Of course, one cannot miss the beautiful arch bridge, the centerpiece of this work. There’s no surprise why this work is one of our best sellers.



The iconic maroon Torii of Miyajima Shrine is now a famous tourist spot for visitors from all over the world. But it seemed that the beauty of which has been appreciated since way back in the past, almost 100 years ago. Strategically drawn from an angle, Kawase Hasui managed to capture all the beautiful pillars of Torii and its reflection in the water down. There were no ripples in the water and everything looked so serene with the few stars in the sky that we could feel the stillness in the air. The lit-up lantern and pine tree leaves in the forefront, and the mountains in the back, gives depth to this work which attests to the skills of Kawase Hasui. Another factor that stood out in the work is the use of color; even though it is dark at night, we could clearly make out the maroon color of the Torii and its blue roof, white color of the stone lantern, and the green color of lush mountains and pine tree leaves.


The outstanding golden tiger stood out in the white snowy landscape with its ferocious posture, as it pounces towards something with intent. The coloring technique gives the fur a smooth texture and the detailed whiskers on the face appear to be prickly in contrast. We see the mischievous grin and glean in the beady eye of the feline, as something up on the tree has clearly caught its attention. The dynamic, confident movements of the tiger were captured with its four limbs in the air with extended claws; it was clearly experienced with hunting which probably came with age. From the fact that the grounds were not captured, and the tiger was on the eye-level with the leaves of the tree, we can infer that the tiger has reached quite a considerable height. It was probably another successful hunt for this old tiger.